About Me

Hi! I’m Jade. I’m from the DC area and I’m an NC State grad currently playing Volleyball for the Jamaican National Team as a 6 rotational outside hitter. I am undersized for my position (5’9) but because I was smaller I got the skills I needed to play from the back and get on the court. These skills lead me to be a 4 year starter for NC State and have a super successful career. I’ve been playing volleyball since I was 11 and I love it enough to continue my journey post-graduation with the Jamaican National Team!

Fun Fact: Dual US and Jamaican Citizen 🇯🇲

<aside> 💫 **I’m here to…

  1. Be your athletic mentor
  2. Help you achieve your goals
  3. Unlock your potential**


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Awards / Accolades

Welcome to my Coaching Program

Why am I doing this?

I’ve always wanted to get into mentoring but have struggled to find a program that allows me to do it while working a full-time job. CoachU’s digital infrastructure will allow me to balance my busy schedule while giving back to the next generation. Volleyball has given me so much and I’m super passionate about sharing the highs and lows of my journey to help others on theirs. I look forward to sharing all about my club, college and national volleyball experience with you as we make one another better!

What will we work on?

🏋️  Fitness

🧘‍♂️  Mental toughness and preparation

🏐  Practice routines and training

💫  Game-time performance

🙏  Recovery and reflection

😃  Learn how to love playing

How will we work together?

📱  Chat via text (whenever), call or facetime

👪  Create developmental goals

🗒️  Work on short and long term goals

✅  Make sure you are 100% satisfied

How will CoachU work with your Family?

📞 Monthly Metrics Review Call

📞 Monthly Q&A / Check in with Me (Coach)

👂 Phone and Email Support for Feedback

📈 Send KPI and Utilization Reports

🏆 Send Goal Tracking & Progress Reports

🙂 Customization as needed

I Value Transparency; during these times I might not be on my “A game”

I work a full time job and play for a national team so there will be times when I’m busy. When that is the case I’ll be sure to communicate with you well ahead of time to make sure we don’t get off course!


My goal is to build a valuable long term relationship and support you throughout your entire athletic career. After understanding your goals and coaching needs, we'll work together to determine a monthly fee.