About Me

Hi! I’m Josh. I’m from Bethesda, MD and I’m currently a rising Sophomore playing RB for Yale. I’m fresh off my first season where I immediately contributed to an Ivy League Championship Title. Prior to college, I attended The Avalon School, a small private high school with limited athletic facilities and a small, but influential coaching staff. I come from a big sports-loving family and have loved football since I was 5.

Fun Fact: I’ve traveled to 15 countries outside of the United States, including Egypt where I even rode a camel in Egypt.

<aside> 💫 **I’m here to…

  1. Be your athletic mentor
  2. Help you achieve your goals
  3. Unlock your potential**


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Awards / Accolades

Welcome to my Coaching Program

Why am I doing this?

I have a love for Football and wish something like this was around when I was in high school. I want to be able to give back to the next generation of athletes. I want to help out, give advice but not be overbearing. I’ve been able to up my game on and off the field with a new sense of perspective that D1 football has given me and I want to bring that to people sooner so they can benefit from it ASAP.

What will we work on?

🏋️  Fitness

🧘‍♂️  Mental toughness and preparation

🏈  Practice routines and training

💫  Game-time performance

🙏  Recovery and reflection

😃  Learn how to love playing

How will we work together?

📱  Chat via text (whenever), call or facetime

👪  Create developmental goals

🗒️  Work on short and long term goals

✅  Make sure you are 100% satisfied

How will CoachU work with your Family?

📞 Monthly Metrics Review Call

📞 Monthly Q&A / Check in with Me (Coach)

👂 Phone and Email Support for Feedback

📈 Send KPI and Utilization Reports

🏆 Send Goal Tracking & Progress Reports

🙂 Customization as needed

I Value Transparency; during these times I might not be on my “A game”

Be it midterms, vacation, or a brutal stretch in the schedule there are times I may not be able to get back to you in my usual time. If that’s ever the case I’ll let you know about it well before hand and manage expectations.


After understanding your goals and coaching needs, we'll work together to determine a monthly fee. Your first two weeks of coaching are 100% free. There's no obligation to extend beyond your two week intro period. My goal is to build a valuable long term relationship and support you throughout your entire athletic career


If you are interested in learning working with Joshua, please fill out this form.