About Me

Hi! I’m Wally. I’m from Newbury Park, CA, a rising junior playing Tennis at BYU. I’m an aggressive serve and volley player who’s learned from great coaches like Brad Gilbert. I was a late bloomer (growth spurt + focus) and got up to the #1 ranking in southern California. I’m a psych major with a great interest in sports psychology:

Fun Fact: Growing up I would surf every day!

<aside> 💫 **I’m here to…

  1. Be your athletic mentor
  2. Help you achieve your goals
  3. Unlock your potential**


Watch my intro video 😊

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Welcome to my Coaching Program

Why am I doing this?

Tennis has given me so much (my wife, my friends and so much more) that I want to give back as much as possible. I’ve benefited from great coaching (my coach has been my coach since I was 10!) but also have gained great perspective from my chaotic tennis journey up to this point. I want to work with peers to help them through their journey and recognize that everything happens for a reason!

What will we work on?

🏋️  Fitness

🧘‍♂️  Mental toughness and preparation

🎾  Practice routines and training

💫  Game-time performance

🙏  Recovery and reflection

😃  Learn how to love playing

How will we work together?

📱  Chat via text (whenever), call or facetime

👪  Create developmental goals

🗒️  Work on short and long term goals

✅  Make sure you are 100% satisfied

How will CoachU work with your Family?

📞 Monthly Metrics Review Call

📞 Monthly Q&A / Check in with Me (Coach)

👂 Phone and Email Support for Feedback

📈 Send KPI and Utilization Reports

🏆 Send Goal Tracking & Progress Reports

🙂 Customization as needed

I Value Transparency; during these times I might not be on my “A game”

If there are any times I’m busy traveling or with school or anything else I’ll make sure I give you ample heads up and communicate if I’ll be slow to respond or reschedule our touchpoints!


After understanding your goals and coaching needs, we'll work together to determine a monthly fee. Your first two weeks of coaching are 100% free. There's no obligation to extend beyond your two week intro period. My goal is to build a valuable long term relationship and support you throughout your entire athletic career


If you are interested in learning more, please fill out this form.

Contact Us

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